Sun Woo Label
"Sun Woo" Corporation is a specializing Manufacturer & Exporter of Woven Labels. Since 1989, when the company was established we have been manufacturing the highest quality Woven Labels with state-of-the-art machine at all times.
For the past years, we have been working diligently and sincerely in order to obtain the highest fame in this fields. Thus we acquired efficient ways to use both old and modern machines for the best quality Woven Labels.

As well as we learned very diverse skill of production techniques about Woven Labels.
So we can supply constantly highest quality and all kinds of Woven Labels to our customer.
Through large scale investment in production and design technology, We supply both high quality and cost effective Woven Labels.
All orders are manufactured from intention to completion at our own factory enabling us to supply Woven Labels the shortest time.
Each order is customized throughout to customers requirements.

A label is always attached for showing brand identification and verifying brand value.
Our production processing is automated all the parts so our delivery time shortly supplied with you.
We supply our products at the highest competitive prices and also provide excellents service to our customers worldwide.

We know that why we have to effort to produce the most excellent quality Woven Labels. Because a label is the signature of the designer which will always be imprinted in the mind of the comsumer.
Also a label is the Trademark that represents their products. Moreover a label is the value of the products. that gives the consumer the confidence it was been possessed.