Production : We develop and manufacture our products in accordance with ISO standards and, in so doing, strive to achieve a high degree of added value.
We involve our suppliers actively in the development process.
Workforce : Our workforce consist of motivated, customer-oriented team players working with initiative and responsibility. Mutual respect and acceptance, fair remuneration, on-going further training are major requirements of a successful team.
Finances : We aim to achieve an adequate profitability level with measured growth, while retaining our financial independence.
[Woven patch] [Satin] [Satin of Yoshida]
[Satin of needle] [Taffeta] [Damask]
Sun Woo label has been growing into a healthy company through endless efforts, quality improvement regardless of changing economic situation since its foundation, in 1989.

Sun Woo label has been developing many variable products such as 3D label for sports, high definition label, embossing labels, puffings...