Sun Woo Woven Labels' strength
Automatic Equipment : we have up-to-date machines that are made in SWITZERLAND , JAPAN. that enable us to deliver our products to our customers at requested time.

Creative Design: Our design team has excellent technology do with long experience to make Woven Labels. so that they can design everything to Woven Labels.

Customers : Our products helps our customer towards, long-term business success.

Market : We aim to extend our position as market leaders in the area of Woven Labels.

Market Performance : We exert in the development of our products, for optimum quality and a resonable price thereby assuring our customers a sustaining competitive advantage.

Woven Labels are a very important part of your product and brand. Our customer service representatives have years of experience in the Woven label industry.
They will have solutions to any woven application issues you may have.

Let Sun Woo Co., become a partner in your success by placing an order with us !